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The Necessity of a Chain of Custody

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Learn about the legal concept of Chain of Custody and how it affects lab testing.

Paternity testing can be an extremely sensitive and emotionally charged subject. Fortunately, there are several measures in place to ensure that the tests are carried out in the fairest and most decisive way possible. Court tested DNA testing is as legally important as it is ethically important. The results can have serious and long-lasting repercussions that profoundly affect numerous people’s lives. Test results influence several legal concepts, such as child support, custody, and inheritance. This is why a clear chain of custody is so essential. It can have a serious impact on the dependability and accuracy of DNA testing results. Here we’ll take a close look at the chain of custody and why it is so essential in fair and accurate paternity testing.

What is a Chain of Custody?

The Chain of Custody is a term used in laboratories and refers to the notion that a professional must be accountable for the whereabouts of a lab sample at any given time. From the moment the DNA sample is collected to the moment the results are delivered, there can be no instances in which a sample goes “off the grid.” All lab staff must know where a sample is and to whom it belongs.

Furthermore, to protect the Chain of Custody, a neutral third party must be the person responsible for collecting the initial sample. They are then responsible for making sure that no unauthorized individual ever contacts or meddles with the results.

How a Chain of Custody Legitimizes a Paternity Test.

This system is utilized to prevent the risk of tampering, altering, swapping, or any other circumstances which may result in the paternity test being compromised. They are a vital component in safeguarding the fairness and accuracy of the testing process. Because they control the variables surrounding a given sample, the Chain of Custody ensures that the testing is accurate and therefore legally legitimate in court.

Potential Consequences of a Broken Chain of Custody.

A broken chain of custody can have serious ramifications, rendering the ensuing results legally and ethically questionable. This will inevitably lead to the need for repeat testing which can trigger other events and actions in legal proceedings. These elements can lengthen an already sensitive and uncomfortable process for all parties. It can also cast the shadow of doubt over the whole procedure. Therefore, an unbroken Chain of Custody is essential for paternity testing to be decisive in a court of law.

How Corporate Medical Services Can Help.

At Corporate Medical Services, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and have years of experience in paternity testing. We take rigorous steps to ensure an incontrovertible Chain of Custody so that we can deliver paternity results with the integrity and accuracy that both the legal system and our clients demand.

If you would like to talk to us about this sensitive matter, please get in touch with us today. A friendly and knowledgeable member of our team will be happy to serve you!