CorporateMed offers businesses a practical, low cost solution for employee substance abuse training through our catalog of online courses and onsite trainings.

Choose between our Reasonable Suspicion track for supervisors, or Workplace Substance Abuse education for employees.

Our onsite and online courses are designed to be a thorough, user-friendly, and a convenient option for companies and their employees. Online courses also enable a greater degree of flexibility as users are able to complete courses anywhere, anytime.

Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training

Meets the Requirements of DOT-Mandated Supervisors.

As a supervisor of DOT-covered employees, you’re required to take DOT Supervisor
Training (per §382.603). If you supervise FMCSA-mandated drivers subject to 49
CFR 40 and 382. If you have any DOT mandated employees CDL Drivers. This
course will enable you to:
• Recognize the signs, symptoms, and indicators of substance abuse in the
• Identify, document, and manage reasonable suspicion testing.
• Comply with federal DOT regulations requiring 2-hour Reasonable Suspicion
training for all supervisors—1 Hour of Drug and 1 Hour of Alcohol Training
With certificate when completed for only $59.00
Why It’s Important:
Substance abuse directly threatens workplace safety, and the transportation industry
is among the most vulnerable. In addition to being required by federal law, this
course will give your supervisors practical, reasonable suspicion intervention
instructions, including tips for confronting the employee and scenarios that require
them to respond to sensitive situations in a practice environment.


  • Coast Guard
  • FAA
  • NRC
  • DER

  • DOD
  • FTA
  • Drug-Free Workplace

Assisting nationwide with DOT Compliance